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Rex Grossman

Chicago Bears




Strength: Rex Grossman is a very intelligent QB, having played well in a Steve Spurrier offense. Unlike the Spurrier NFL flops before him, Rex Grossman was able to succeed in an offense other than Stever Spurrier's as well. Rex Grossman has adequate arm strength and good down-field accuracy.
Weakness: Rex Grossman is a bit smaller than your typical first round QB. In spite of that, Grossman is also one of the slowest QBs to go in the first round in a while.
Development: Chicago has a proven to be inconsistent QB on hand. Don't be surprised to see Rex start some games half way through the season. Don't expect big numbers from him though. Rex Grossman has a lot of work to do on his game before he's ready to be a starter on an NFL team.
Fantasy Football Rating: Are you kidding? Actually, he might be one of the better QBs as a rookie and have a couple good games...but resist the urge and let someone else have him. Remember the last good rookie QB? Only if you're old enough to remember Dan Marino's rookie year, and even he did it with conservative offense.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 40% chance of succes. 35% chance of Pro Bowl.

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