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Andrew Pinnock

San Diego Chargers



South Carolina

Strength: Andrew Pinnock is a running back with a huge body and incredible strength. Andrew Pinnock has played extensively as both a halfback and a fullback. As you would expect, Andrew Pinnock is a bulldozing runner, but also surprisingly fast and nifty for his size. Andrew Pinnock shows promise as a pass receiver.
Weakness: Andrew Pinnock had fumble problems last year.
Development: Andrew Pinnock has a rare size and speed combination that makes him a wonderful 7th round pick. Andrew Pinnock may not have ideal speed or cutback abilities, but his size creates problems for defenses. Andrew Pinnock would be a hard guy to tackle in the 4th quarter after a steady dose of Tomlinson, just as Tomlinson would be hard to tackle after a few Pinnock runs. Andrew Pinnock figures to be a change-of-pace backup tailback this year. San Diego will probably try to mold Andrew Pinnock's blocking abilities and turn him into a fullback over the next couple of years. Andrew Pinnock figures to play special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Huge. Project. Tweener.

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