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Mario Haggan

Buffalo Bills



Mississippi State

Strength: Mario Haggan is a strong, intelligent player with an excellent build for the MLB position. Mario Haggan has experience at defensive end. Mario Haggan has shown himself to be an excellent run-stopper. Mario Haggan also has decent pass-rushing skills.
Weakness: Mario Haggan has suffered a series of ankle injuries and is slow for a linebacker or even defensive end.
Development: Mario Haggan was a productive college player at a few different positions, as his stats show he's always around the ball carrier. Mario Haggan doesn't have the size for defensive end or the speed for linebacker. However, there have been pro-bowl quality MLBs before without much speed. Mario Haggan figures to be a good special teams player this year and a backup MLB. Mario Haggan has shown he has the instincts to succeed if he's given a chance.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Productive. Ready-to-go.

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