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Clint Mitchell

Denver Broncos




Strength: Clint Mitchell is a very tall defensive end with long arms. Clint Mitchell displays good quickness and speed. Clint Mitchell had a lot of QB pressures in college.
Weakness: Clint Mitchell is way too lean for the defensive line, though he has decent strength. Clint Mitchell has had past legal allegations cast at him and multiple suspensions for team rules violations. Clint Mitchell didn't have the kind of sacks numbers expected of lean defensive linemen.
Development: Clint Mitchell has rare athleticism for his physical dimensions. Clint Mitchell needs to spend time refining his skills and adding bulk to his lean frame before he will be able to put his natural gifts to use on the football field. Clint Mitchell certainly has skills that could make him a problem for offensive lines.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Intriguing Height. Project.

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