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Walter Young

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Walter Young is TALL with adequate speed and strength for the wide receiver position. Walter Young is an excellent athlete and leaper, as he also played college basketball. Walter Young has big hands and makes some great catches. Walter Young was an excellent high-school QB.
Weakness: Walter Young is still very raw in his technique.
Development: The CB position just isn't fair in the NFL, and Walter Young is an example of that. Most CBs are 5'9 because they have to be agile, quick, and fast to cover speedy little 5'9 receivers, and so they struggle against strong 6'2 receivers. Now throw in Walter Young at around 6'6" with leaping skills and you have a CB nightmare. Walter Young will compete to immediately be a Red-Zone receiver for Carolina. Walter Young is a mix of Plaxico Burress and Ed McCaffrey. If Walter Young spends the next couple years refining his technique he has potential to really become a dominating force in the NFL and could be an instigator in changing the way the game is played.
Fantasy Football Rating: RED-ZONE MONSTER.
Prospect Type: Intriguing Height. Productive.

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