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Blue Adams

Detroit Lions




Strength: Blue Adams is a athletic little man-to-man cover-corner who excels at reading the QB and the receiver's eyes in order to make plays on the ball.
Weakness: Blue Adams probably isn't as fast as he used to be, though he still has adequate speed. Blue Adams is short.
Development: Blue Adams is a good cover-corner with all of the tools to play the position well, except height. Blue Adams makes up for his height with his ability to pick off passes. Blue Adams has some work to do on his technique, particularly so that he can face up with big NFL receivers. However, Blue Adams can step right in as a nickel corner and may some day earn a starting job because of his ball skills.
Fantasy Football Rating: Interception machine if he starts, especially since everyone will try to pick on him.
Prospect Type: Undersized. Athletic. Special Skill - Interceptions.

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