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Jeff Faine

Cleveland Browns



Notre Dame

Strength: Jeff Faine is immediately one of the larger natural centers in the league. Jeff Faine makes good reads and blocking calls. Jeff Faine gets on his guy quickly off the snap and sticks to his blocks well.
Weakness: Jeff Faine plays surprisingly weak at times against bull rushes. Jeff Faine is adequate at tying up the defender on running plays, but doesn't often pancake them.
Development: Jeff Faine has a lot of learning to do in how to use his size and athletic ability to his advantage. That said, Jeff Faine should step in as an immediate starter for Cleveland and do a good job in the passing and running games.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jeff Faine can do nothing but improve the passing and running statistics of his teammates.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 80% chance of success. 55% chance of Pro Bowl.

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