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Justin Bates

Dallas Cowboys




Strength: Justin Bates is a good all-around blocker. Justin Bates is very intelligent and seldom makes a mistake. Justin Bates was very consistant and very productive all four years at Colorado. Justin Bates is a strong man.
Weakness: Justin Bates has very slow feet, which gets him in trouble if he initially misreads the rush and sets up incorrectly.
Development: Justin Bates is a 7th round steal. Justin Bates has dominated at everything he's been asked to do at the college level against all types of competition. Justin Bates has experience at tackle, but probably not NFL speed, though he's always found a way to compensate before. Justin Bates should be able to step right in and play in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Excellent for the passing and running game.
Prospect Type: Polished.

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