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Malaefou MacKenzie

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Malaefou MacKenzie is a super-strong, intelligent running back with track speed. Malaefou MacKenzie is an excellent receiver out of the backfield.
Weakness: Malaefou MacKenzie isn't a good enough blocker to play fullback. Malaefou MacKenzie doesn't have the burst to the holes to play tailback. Malaefou MacKenzie has an injury history.
Development: Malaefou MacKenzie has some workout numbers that make scouts' eyes pop out. Malaefou MacKenzie, however, lacks at least one necessary skill to play the positions he's projected to play. But, Malaefou MacKenzie is a great athlete. Malaefou MacKenzie will play special teams and could play safety or receiver in the NFL if he's given a few years to develop. However, Malaefou MacKenzie has his experience at tailback and that or fullback is where he is most likely to play for Jacksonville. Malaefou MacKenzie is an excellent receiver and could see time right away as a third-down fullback.
Fantasy Football Rating: Lots of receptions, break away speed in open field.
Prospect Type: Athletic. Tweener. Injury History.

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