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Scott Kooistra

Cincinnati Bengals



North Carolina State

Strength: Scott Kooistra has good intelligence and an ideal frame for an offensive tackle. Scott Kooistra is an excellent run-blocker.
Weakness: Scott Kooistra has lingering effects, such as slowed foot speed and power lapses, from leg injuries.
Development: Scott Kooistra is an intelligent, experienced offensive lineman with all of the tools. Scott Kooistra was an excellent value pick for Cincinnati to start the seventh round, as he could challenge for playing time right away. Scott Kooistra will probably want to put on some more muscle and work on his legs, but he had a very good year last year in college and should be fine with a little more time. Scott Kooistra should be a solid NFL lineman for many years.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go.

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