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Keith Wright

Houston Texans




Strength: Keith Wright has very good pass rushing skills for a defensive tackle. Keith Wright has experience at defensive end. Keith Wright has good speed, quickness, and strength.
Weakness: Keith Wright is too small to hold his position against a power running attack.
Development: Keith Wright figures to be a penetration specialist, playing next to a run stopping DT; a passing downs DT; or a defensive end. Keith Wright can wreak havoc on the passing game with his ability to split blockers and attack the QB or re-route the running game. Keith Wright figures to be moved back to defensive end, where his skills would make him an excellent pass rusher and his size wouldn't be a detriment against the running game. Keith Wright has the skills to be a good special teams player.
Fantasy Football Rating: None, yet.
Prospect Type: Undersized. Special Skill - Pass Rush. Productive. Ready-to-go.

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