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Yeremiah Bell

Miami Dolphins



Eastern Kentucky

Strength: Yeremiah Bell is an intelligent defensive back who can play either safety position and cornerback. Yeremiah Bell has a strong upper body and good speed. Yeremiah Bell was a very productive run-stopper and pass defender. Yeremiah Bell had 6 interceptions in 2001.
Weakness: Yeremiah Bell missed entire season last year with an injury. Yeremiah Bell played against subpar competition.
Development: Yeremiah Bell is an excellent gamble. Yeremiah Bell was a productive player with great speed and athleticism before his injury. Yeremiah Bell will not only have to get back into the flow of football after a layoff, but he'll have to do it against far superior competition to what he's faced before. Yeremiah Bell will probably take a few years to adjust, but he will need to do something to impress Miami this year in order to make the roster. Yeremiah Bell could be a successful safety or cornerback down the road if his injury has healed well.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Injury History. Athletic. Productive.

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