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Brennan Curtin

Green Bay Packers



Notre Dame

Strength: Brennan Curtin is the tallest credible offensive lineman I've ever seen. Brennan Curtin positions his body well to avoid getting over-powered by much stronger linemen.
Weakness: Brennan Curtin was not a dominant blocker in college, but not bad. Brennan Curtin is not especially strong.
Development: Brennan Curtin will have to develop near-perfect skills to succeed against quicker, stronger defensive tackles. Brennan Curtin needs to put on 25-35lbs of muscle to have a chance. All of this figures to take several years and I wonder if Green Bay will have the patience to wait for Brennan Curtin. Brennan Curtin appears to have the athleticism. If Brennan Curtin becomes a big success it will revolutionize the offensive line in football, as basketball power forwards and centers will be recruited to play the line, just as small forwards are recruited to play tight end and tackle now.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Project. Extremely Tall.

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