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George Foster

Denver Broncos




Strength: George Foster has the build that offensive line coaches are currently looking for in a Tackle. George Foster is strong enough to overpower linemen in the running game and skilled enough to handle the pass rushes of the best defensive ends he has seen. George Foster is intelligent and reads defensive schemes and stunts well.
Weakness: George Foster doesn't have great speed pulling on the run, though he has a quick first step.
Development: George Foster should be a dominant blocker from day one for Denver. George Foster, like most rookies, has plenty of developing left to do, but he's already got everything he needs to be competent in this league. Barring injuries, look for him to be a reliable starter on the line for many years.
Fantasy Football Rating: The Broncos have been a dominant running team for several years and that certainly won't change if Foster wins the job. He is an able blocker as well, which their new QB needs badly to be successful.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 70% chance of Pro Bowl.

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