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Brock Forsey

Chicago Bears



Boise State

Strength: Brock Forsey was a monstrously productive player in college. Brock Forsey is a good receiver. Brock Forsey has a lot of kick return experience. Brock Forsey has excellent vision and anticipation.
Weakness: Brock Forsey lacks typical RB speed. Brock Forsey isn't very big. Brock Forsey doesn't have any flashy or elusive moves. Brock Forsey didn't have any long kick returns and few runs over 30 yards.
Development: Forget all the negatives just listed, Brock Forsey was one of the most productive players in college history. Given a fair chance, Brock Forsey will battle for the starting RB job this year, and should win 3rd down, short yardage, and goal line duties.
Fantasy Football Rating: Production, Production, Production.
Prospect Type: Polished. Productive.

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