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Kliff Kingsbury

New England Patriots



Texas Tech

Strength: Kliff Kingsbury was one of the most intelligent QBs in college football, picking apart defenses almost at will. Kliff Kingsbury is a gutsy and intelligent QB who has the presence of a leader. Kliff Kingsbury has good height and surprising speed in workouts, though the speed didn't show up much on the football field. Kliff Kingsbury was incredibly productive in college and carried a high completion percentage.
Weakness: Kliff Kingsbury has tiny hands for a man of his size. Kliff Kingsbury doesn't have much arm strength.
Development: Kliff Kingsbury is a leader on the football field and very intelligent. It is quite apparent New England was looking for another Tom Brady. Kliff Kingsbury's skills are similar to Tom Brady, and that's precisely why he should fit in very well. Kliff Kingsbury should be an able backup in the NFL as soon as this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Negative impact if he plays.
Prospect Type: Polished. Special Skill - Intelligence.

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