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Brooks Bollinger

New York Jets




Strength: Brooks Bollinger is an athletic and intelligent QB. Brooks Bollinger is an excellent runner. Though he didn't put up great stats, Brooks Bollinger didn't make many crucial mistakes.
Weakness: Brooks Bollinger is a couple inches short of ideal. Brooks Bollinger had a hard time consistantly hitting receivers in stride against good cover corners. Brooks Bollinger has taken some serious hits.
Development: Brooks Bollinger probably would have been a bad pick for most teams, but not for New York. Brooks Bollinger should fit in very well in New York if he can show enough this year to make the roster. Brooks Bollinger needs a lot of time to adapt to the NFL game and learn to be more of a passer in a well scripted offense, which he should get in New York.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic.

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