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Carson Palmer

Cincinnati Bengals




Strength: Carson Palmer is Tall, Muscular, Strong Arm, Good Touch, Quick Decisions, and has enough Foot Speed to evade tacklers.
Weakness: Carson Palmer appears prone to Interceptions and can be Inaccurate times. Carson Palmer only had a few great games in college.
Development: QB is a position that typically requires mental development more than physical. Was Carson Palmer's breakout season last year a sign that he has achieved readiness for the league? No doubt the tools are there, but it will take a few years of time with the Cincinnati coaching staff before we find out if Carson Palmer mentally has what it takes to be a star in the league. I hope he gets it...if Carson Palmer is their starter beginning the 2004 season it could set his development back a couple years. He should be ready to take the reigns by the end of 2004.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't draft Carson Palmer in 2003. He will get some playing time, maybe even most of the playing time if Jon Kitna is as inconsistant as he has been in the past. But the learning curve for QBs is a long one, with the majority peaking after 5-7 years in the league. Carson Palmer should be a fantasy football factor in 2005 if the Bengals bring him along properly.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: QB is all about the mind. Carson Palmer has all of the physical tools. So it is up to Carson Palmer to work really hard studying the NFL game, and up to the Cincinnati coaching staff to make sure he gets the proper guidance (cringe) needed to be an NFL QB. Because #1 picks are given every chance to prove themselves, I give Carson Palmer a 60% chance of being a successful QB and a 30% chance of making a Pro Bowl. I give Carson Palmer a 50% chance of being successful while still in Cincinnati and a 20% chance of making a Pro Bowl while with Cincinnati.

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