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Willie Ponder

New York Giants



SE Missouri

Strength: Willie Ponder is a well-built WR with good speed and athleticism. Willie Ponder has been a very productive college receiver. Willie Ponder runs crisp routes. Willie Ponder is an excellent return man.
Weakness: Willie Ponder sometimes drops the ball if he gets too open. Willie Ponder faced inferior college competition.
Development: Willie Ponder may not have faced many great cornerbacks, but he dominated the ones he did face. Willie Ponder has all of the tools to be a great receiver, and the production to prove it. Willie Ponder needs to work on some technical skills, but the only thing that can hold him out of games this year is where he was drafted. Willie Ponder's special teams skills should help him make the team. Willie Ponder should be good receiver for many years, if he's given the opportunity.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big time receiver and solid return man, if he starts.
Prospect Type: Athletic. 1-AA.

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