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Arnaz Battle

San Francisco 49ers



Notre Dame

Strength: Arnaz Battle is a big receiver with good speed, in San Francisco tradition. Arnaz Battle has good field vision and is hard to tackle because of a combination of shifty feet and powerful running. As a QB, Arnaz Battle was an excellent runner.
Weakness: Arnaz Battle has limited experience at WR and wasn't very productive there. Arnaz Battle needs better WR technique.
Development: Arnaz Battle has shown flashes of ability as a WR. Arnaz Battle is probably better suited for the RB position and as a punt and kick returner. But San Francisco like receivers with Arnaz Battle's size and talents. San Francisco will spend a few years trying to develop Arnaz Battle as a WR, if he is able to show them enough in training camp to make the team.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic.

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