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LaTarence Dunbar

Atlanta Falcons




Strength: LaTarence Dunbar is a super-athlete, with some impressive track and field exploits. LaTarence Dunbar plays on the football field with the same skills he used in the high hurdles - instant acceleration. LaTarence Dunbar runs faster when people are trying to tackle him or when he's racing than his 40 times indicate and in spite of his instant acceleration, he seems to get faster and faster down the field when others are starting to slow down. LaTarence Dunbar has lifted 2-3 times his body weight. LaTarence Dunbar has experience at defensive back, slot receiver, scat back, and special teams.
Weakness: LaTarence Dunbar isn't very big, though he is deceptively strong. LaTarence Dunbar
Development: TCU wisely tried to get LaTarence Dunbar into games every chance they had and everywhere they could. LaTarence Dunbar is a super-competitor, who figures to play better the better the competition gets. LaTarence Dunbar certainly will need to learn the technique of whatever position he plays in the NFL, because he has mostly played in roles developed to utilize his tools instead of traditional roles. Atlanta won't do this unless he shows something extra special in training camp, but he should fit in nicely on a team packed full of unconvential, athletic players. LaTarence Dunbar should be a great special teamer from the start. LaTarence Dunbar will see playing time in roles utilizing his speed this year. In the future LaTarence Dunbar should develop into a receiver, but may not fill a conventional wide receiver role. LaTarence Dunbar definitely has the athleticism to become a cornerback too, if Atlanta chooses to play him there.
Fantasy Football Rating: LaTarence Dunbar will make plays wherever he plays and I wouldn't bet against him if he lined up at DT.
Prospect Type: Super-Athlete. Special Skill - Kick Returns. Competitive.

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