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Antonio Garay

Cleveland Browns



Boston College

Strength: Antonio Garay is intelligent with great speed, strength, and athleticism for defensive end. Antonio Garay also played defensive tackle at Boston College. Antonio Garay
Weakness: Antonio Garay has suffered several moderately serious injuries.
Development: Is it me, or are the defensive linemen getting better as the draft goes on? OK, not really, they're just all so good it makes you wonder why teams would gamble on particular players early in the draft when they can get an equally impressive lineman 5 rounds later. Antonio Garay has all of the skills. Antonio Garay is ready to be dominant on running and passing plays in the NFL, with the versatility to play everywhere on the line, and probably even linebacker with some practice. Antonio Garay should be given an opportunity to battle for the #2 DE and #2 DT spots on the talented Cleveland line. Antonio Garay does need to work on developing a few more pass-rush moves to take advantage of his athleticism.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact yet.
Prospect Type: Polished. Athletic. Ready-to-go. Injury History.

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