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Marques Ogden

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Marques Ogden has excellent size and strength for playing on the offensive line. Marques Ogden has experience at both tackle spots and center. Marques Ogden is the brother of All-Pro Jonathan Ogden. Marques Ogden has excellent instincts.
Weakness: Marques Ogden occasionally will block the wrong player and will miss blocks when leading the run in the open field.
Development: Marques Ogden is a very solid pick in the 6th round. Marques Ogden needs to learn some technique and improve his run blocking and open-field blocking. Marques Ogden should be able to challenge for playing time on the line in a year or two. His versatility will ensure that he makes the roster. Marques Ogden has the intelligence and athletic skills to develop into a starting offensive lineman in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Productive. Raw.

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