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Drew Henson

Houston Texans




Strength: Drew Henson combines good size, strength, agility, and speed with a third-baseman's arm.
Weakness: Drew Henson is playing pro baseball under an exclusive contract. Drew Henson has a lot of mental development to do at the pro level, learning to read defenses and timing.
Development: Drew Henson is playing baseball for the Yankee's triple A affiliate as of this time, and didn't want to be drafted. Drew Henson is considered the best QB taken in this draft. Drew Henson would need a few years to polish his game and get back into the flow of football if he decided to play football again. Henson is having a hard time at the toughest task in sports - hitting a 9" diameter object traveling at 75-95mph with various lateral movements and illusions. So many expect Henson may eventually give up on baseball, but possibly not before this draft pick expires. Many think Houston plans to trade this pick, as Houston already has a great QB and a couple young prospects at QB.
Fantasy Football Rating: No way.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic. Ideal Build.

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