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Mike Nattiel

Minnesota Vikings




Strength: Mike Nattiel is a polished player in a variety of LB roles and positions. Mike Nattiel is very intelligent and instinctual on the football field. Mike Nattiel put up incredible run stopping statistics last year from the outside. Mike Nattiel uses his good speed and quickness to run down runners from behind.
Weakness: Mike Nattiel is short and light weight for the LB position.
Development: Mike Nattiel looks more like a strong safety, and probably has the skills to play that position. But, don't expect one of college football's most productive linebackers to be moved. Mike Nattiel has the polish to step into any LB position this year, and may actually battle to start. Mike Nattiel also should see time on special teams. Mike Nattiel should be a good run-stopper, and may be a blitzer on many passing plays.
Fantasy Football Rating: Productive player.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Athletic. Polished.

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