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Calvin Pace

Arizona Cardinals



Wake Forest

Strength: Calvin Pace is an athletic defensive end. He has enough height to occassionally bat balls down. Calvin Pace displays good moves and flows to the ball quickly. He is the first defensive end taken in the draft who shows potential to be a top notch run stopper. Calvin goes hard every play.
Weakness: Calvin is about 10lbs light for the position of DE. Calvin Pace isn't a speed blazer.
Development: Calvin Pace may be the most polished of the early DE taken in the first round. Calvin Pace will step in and immediately be a solid defensive lineman for Arizona. Calvin Pace probably won't have as many sacks his first year or two as the other DE, but he will be a better player in the nonstatistical areas of the game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Calvin Pace will improve the Arizona defense. Don't expect big numbers from Calvin Pace this year though, unless tackles count for a lot in your league. Could have some tackles behind the line as well.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 80% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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