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Jimmy Wilkerson

Kansas City Chiefs




Strength: Jimmy Wilkerson is a fast defensive end who puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Jimmy Wilkerson has experience at linebacker.
Weakness: Jimmy Wilkerson doesn't have run stopping skills or size.
Development: Jimmy Wilkerson is one of those players who falls in the draft and it just makes you scratch your head. Granted, defensive line help was readily available in this draft, but Jimmy Wilkerson has rare pass rush skills in a man his size. Although undersized for DE, Jimmy Wilkerson would be one of the biggest LB in the league if he made the switch, having plenty of speed for it. Wherever Jimmy Wilkerson is used, he figures to do more blitzing and pass coverage than run stopping, though he can be disruptive to running game with penetration. Jimmy Wilkerson isn't Derrick Thomas, but look for him to be used the same way. Jimmy Wilkerson is ready to play and challenge for time on pass rushing downs. Jimmy Wilkerson has excellent skills for special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Good sack and fumble man if he plays a lot.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go.

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