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Hanik Milligan

San Diego Chargers




Strength: Hank Milligan has ideal size for a safety. Hanik Milligan has been an incredibly productive defensive back the last three years. Hanik Milligan was also a very effective special teams player.
Weakness: Hanik Milligan doesn't have good workout numbers.
Development: Forget workouts and physique and all that, Hanik Milligan was a force on the football field who had to be accounted for on every play. Hanik Milligan has adequate pass coverage skills and dominant run-stopping ability. Hanik Milligan will play special teams this year. Hanik Milligan can play saftey right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: One year of college he had 5 INTs, the other two years he put up incredible numbers of tackles and was involved in a lot of fumbles. If he starts, get him.
Prospect Type: Incredible Production.

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