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Zuriel Smith

Dallas Cowboys




Strength: Zuriel Smith is a very shifty and elusive receiver, renowned for his leaping ability. Zuriel Smith is an exceptional special teams returner.
Weakness: Zuriel Smith does not have great strength for a receiver or returner.
Development: Zuriel Smith has moves that make him a threat with the ball. Zuriel Smith may not be able to start at WR in the NFL, but he is one of those players teams want to give the ball to. So expect Zuriel Smith to be seen lining up in the slot or at tailback to receive quick passes and screens in the open flat. Zuriel Smith figures to battle for the punt returner and kick returner jobs right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: Zuriel Smith could be one of the better returners in the game, if he wins the job as expected.
Prospect Type: Athletic. Special Skill - Shifty.

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