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Scott Tercero

St. Louis Rams




Strength: Scott Tercero was a dominant Guard all four years of college. Scott Tercero displays great anticipation and technique in his blocking, which allows him to defend aptly against both speed and power rushers.
Weakness: Scott Tercero doesn't have ideal strength, athleticism, or foot speed - possibly related to past knee injuries.
Development: Scott Tercero was one of the more dominant blockers in college football and projected as a first day pick before his workouts. One thing history teaches us repeatedly is that players who drop because of bad workouts are generally steals in the draft. Scott Tercero figures to be one of the 2003 draft steals. Scott Tercero won't dominate NFL defensive linemen the way he did college linemen, but he will continue to always be in their way. Scott Tercero is ready to step right in as an able Guard.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productive.

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