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Rashad Moore

Seattle Seahawks




Strength: Rashad Moore combines good size with surprising speed at the defensive tackle position.
Weakness: Rashad Moore was not a very productive player in college. Rashad Moore is not as strong as you'd expect for a defensive tackle.
Development: Rashad Moore is physically a curious combination of paradoxes - good size, little strength, good speed, slow acceleration. That alone makes him a potentially unique player. Rashad Moore projects as a run stopper in the NFL because of his size, but doesn't have the strength to shove linemen around. Rashad Moore is an unrefined big man who will have to spend time in the weight room and with the coaches over the next couple years to have a chance to see playing time. Rashad Moore will have to show something in training camps and exhibitions to make the team.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw.

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