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Gerome Sapp

Baltimore Ravens



Notre Dame

Strength: Gerome Sapp has a good build, a strong upper-body, and decent speed. Gerome Sapp had 4 interceptions last year. Gerome Sapp has played both safety positions.
Weakness: Gerome Sapp hasn't been real productive. Gerome Sapp doesn't have great speed.
Development: Gerome Sapp has the body and athleticism scouts like. Gerome Sapp wasn't a great college player. Gerome Sapp figures to battle for a reserve safety spot this year. His versatility will provide Baltimore with options at saftey. Baltimore likes his big size. Gerome Sapp has the athletic skills, but time will tell if he makes enough impact plays to stay around the NFL. Gerome Sapp figures to play special teams this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw.

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