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Corey Jenkins

Miami Dolphins



South Carolina

Strength: Corey Jenkins is an awesome athlete who excelled as a rusher, quarterback, and safety. In playing with such versatility Corey Jenkins also displayed his good football instincts and decision making skills. Corey Jenkins has good size, a strong throwing arm, and a very strong body. Corey Jenkins played .
Weakness: Corey Jenkins didn't master any position in college. Corey Jenkins is a bit old to come into the NFL without a position.
Development: I don't really know what position Corey Jenkins will play for Miami, though a big, athletic cornerback would be a dream come true for Miami. That may be too much of a reach, as CB is the most demanding position for a player to learn. Corey Jenkins certainly looks to have the build of a Strong Safety, coming up about 10-15lbs short of an outside linebacker. Don't discount Corey Jenkins as a running back or receiver either. So basically Corey is just an athlete without a position, yet. Figure they will give 2 or 3 years to developing him for a position, with a lot of work in the mean time on special teams and in specialty roles. In fact, Corey Jenkins will have to excel at special teams or in specialty roles to make the roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not much impact this year.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Athletic. Raw.

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