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Bryant Johnson

Arizona Cardinals



Penn State

Strength: Bryant Johnson is a polished receiver who does the little things to make plays work. He can be quick when he needs to be. He will sometimes make very impressive catches in traffic. Bryant Johnson has good size.
Weakness: Bryant Johnson was not one of the faster receivers in the draft. Several teams such as Washington had him ranked much lower on their draft charts because of concerns over his route running skills.
Development: Bryant Johnson will battle with a slew of new receivers for a starting spot in Arizona this year. Arizona has done a very good job picking up receivers late in the draft in recent years, so we'll see if any can supplant him. That said, you don't trade out of a spot to take a premier defensive end so that you can draft a guy to put on the bench. So expect Bryant Johnson to win the job if he does OK in camp. There is no reason Bryant Johnson can't be a very good receiver in this league with a little work with a wide receivers coach.
Fantasy Football Rating: Picking up rookie receivers in the draft is a bad idea. Picking them up to fill holes as free agents after a couple good games is not so bad. Expect 40-50 catches for Bryant Johnson this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 20% chance of Pro Bowl.

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