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David Young

Jacksonville Jaguars



Georgia Southern

Strength: David Young has the speed and athleticism to play cornerback, but the size, heart, and instincts of a strong safety. David Young was both an excellent run stopper and solid as a pass defender in college. David Young had a lot of interceptions
Weakness: David Young hasn't played against top competition.
Development: David Young is a potential 6th round steal. David Young is a speedy, hard hitting safety who is ready to play strong safety in the NFL. David Young has excellent instincts for stopping the run. David Young should play on special teams this year. David Young has the skills to easily shift to free safety. There will be great temptation in Jacksonville to put David Young at CB, as teams are so hungry for big strong cornerbacks to cover today's big receivers. It would take David Young a few years to grasp the technique of the position however, and there are no guarantees about a player when you make such changes. David Young is an exceptional special teams player.
Fantasy Football Rating: Makes big plays if he starts.
Prospect Type: Productive. Athletic. Ready-to-go.

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