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B.J. Tucker

Dallas Cowboys




Strength: B.J. Tucker combines great speed with athleticism and strength. B.J. Tucker had 5 interceptions last year.
Weakness: B.J. Tucker looks lost on the field much of the time. B.J. Tucker doesn't display much toughness. B.J. Tucker's obvious intelligence doesn't translate into football instincts.
Development: B.J. Tucker has a whole lot of learning to do about playing football. B.J. Tucker has all of the skills of a corner, except perhaps the mental outlook. B.J. Tucker should be moved to WR, but he will have to start at the beginning learning the position. B.J. Tucker is an excellent kick returning prospect. B.J. Tucker seems to be a miscast player, with all of the athletic gifts and intelligence to succeed, but not the right frame of mind. Maybe Dallas can get him to learn another position or get him to take a different approach to CB. If they can, B.J. Tucker has everything he needs to succeed. B.J. Tucker figures to play special teams right away, but needs refinement there as well.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic. Speed.

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