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Brandon Green

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Brandon Green has a great combination of speed, quickness, strength, and intelligence. Brandon Green was a productive player all 4 years at Rice.
Weakness: Brandon Green is a bit small for the defensive end position.
Development: Brandon Green is a pretty good pick at this point in the draft, as he is one of the fastest defensive linemen taken in the 2003 draft. Brandon Green definitely figures as a pass rush specialist, though his size gets him under-rated as a run stopper. Brandon Green should step in and battle for playing time at defensive end this year. Brandon Green is fast enough and smart enough for linebacker, but doesn't have the agility you typically look for nor experience. Brandon Green has a good chance to be a starter in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Sacks if he starts.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Athletic.

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