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Dave Kircus

Detroit Lions



Grand Valley State

Strength: Dave Kircus is an intelligent receiver with good height. Dave Kircus was about the most dominant player in college football last year, but against some of the weakest teams in college football. Almost half of his catches have gone all the way to the end zone the last two years.
Weakness: Dave Kircus doesn't have much strength or speed.
Development: Dave Kircus is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft. Scouts cannot explain how a guy with such bad workout numbers could be so dominant, even against weak competition. I learned a long time ago that you never bet against productive players, who look bad in workouts or practices, or have less than ideal physical gifts. His intelligence will carry him well as a pro player, if his heart pushes him to be the best he can be. Dave Kircus probably won't be given a chance to play much, so he will have to surprise his coaches in workouts and exhibition season to get playing time. Dave Kircus could help himself out greatly by fighting for punt and kick return duties. Dave Kircus needs a lot of work on his strength and receiving technique to have a chance as a future starter at WR.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact this year, unless something amazing happens to put him on the field.
Prospect Type: Raw. Productive. Special Skill - Going all the way.

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