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Langston Moore

Cincinnati Bengals



South Carolina

Strength: Langston Moore is a very muscular defensive lineman. Langston Moore has good speed for a man of his size. Langston Moore is an intelligent run-stopper who uses good technique. A versatile player, Langston Moore has the physical and mental tools to play defensive tackle, defensive end, offensive guard, and offensive center.
Weakness: Though Langston Moore has good speed, he lacks quick acceleration in persuit.
Development: Langston Moore was a late pick because of the depth in this draft, but you could make an argument for him as a first-day draft pick. Though he won't start the season as a starter, Langston Moore figures to work his way into Cincinnati's defensive line rotation this year because of his versatility and dependability. Langston Moore is already pretty polished as a lineman, but needs to refine some pass rushing moves if he is to be a defensive end. Langston Moore is a bit small for a run stopping tackle, but he more than makes up for it by being one of the strongest linemen in the draft. Langston Moore is a guy who can be thrown out there at any time and you don't have to worry about him. Langston Moore doesn't figure to be a regular offensive lineman, but he could give Cincinnati the flexibility as an emergency backup to use a roster spot normally reserved for the line on another position.
Fantasy Football Rating: No statistical impact.
Prospect Type: Polished. Ready-to-go. Special Skill - Plays with incredible strength.

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