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Tony Pashos

Baltimore Ravens




Strength: Tony Pashos is a huge offensive tackle. Tony Pashos started for four years. Tony Pashos dominated the college game. Tony Pashos has incredibly strong arms. Tony Pashos is very intelligent. Tony Pashos plays with proper technique and adjusts quickly to defensive players.
Weakness: Tony Pashos does have any foot speed.
Development: Tony Pashos has been a huge, dominant tackle. So why wasn't he drafted higher? Slow feet that won't allow him to block blitzing corners, safeties, and linebackers. So Baltimore will slide him over to Guard and Tony Pashos will be a dominant pass blocking Guard, who needs to work on his run blocking skills and won't be seen leading many screens. It is possible Tony Pashos could play Right Tackle in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Polished.

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