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Kevin Garrett

St. Louis Rams




Strength: Kevin Garrett is a muscular coernerback. Kevin Garrett uses his amazing speed and intelligence well in man-to-man coverage. Kevin Garrett is surprisingly good in run support for his size. Kevin Garrett has excellent agility. Kevin Garrett was a 4 year starter. Kevin Garrett has blocked a lot of kicks in college.
Weakness: Kevin Garrett gives up 3-7 inches on most NFL receivers.
Development: Kevin Garrett is proof the St. Louis intends to hold the title of fastest team in the league. Kevin Garrett would have been a 1st round pick if he were 3 inches taller. Kevin Garrett has speed and agility that would make you figure on any other team he'd get a shot at punt and kick return duties, but St. Louis has about 10 guys qualified for that job. Kevin Garrett should get work as a kick and punt blocker, however. Kevin Garrett should challenge for playing time at CB this year and should have a long career in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact, yet.
Prospect Type: Undersized. Productive. Polished. Special Skill - SPEED.

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