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Tron LaFovor

Chicago Bears




Strength: Tron LaFovor is a powerful defensive tackle who uses his lower body to control the line of scrimmage. Tron LaFovor makes very athletic plays on occasion.
Weakness: Tron LaFovor is undersized and has questionable foot-speed. Tron LaFovor wasn't a consistant starter at Florida.
Development: Tron LaFovor shows potential to be an excellent run-stopper, but does't have prototypical run-stopper size at DT. Tron LaFovor has not been a productive college player. Tron LaFovor could project as a run-stopping defensive end. I have doubts whether Tron LaFovor will make the roster, but if he does he could some day develop into a steady reserve player. The athleticism is there for more, but since he couldn't do more in college with ample opportunity, I see no reason to expect more in the pro game.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Prospect Type: Raw. Project.

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