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Shane Walton

St. Louis Rams



Notre Dame

Strength: Shane Walton has the athleticism and intelligence to play cornerback. Shane Walton started for 3 years at Notre Dame. Shane Walton is a blanket man-to-man defender.
Weakness: Shane Walton combines his small size with questionable speed and strength.
Development: Shane Walton is another guy who fell more than he should have because of mediocre workouts. Shane Walton doesn't have the speed to recover if me makes a mistake in coverage, but Shane Walton seldom made a mistake in coverage last year. Shane Walton wasn't just a good corner in college, he was a great one. For that reason I believe he will immediately be a good cornerback in the NFL, regardless of speed and size concerns. Shane Walton has punt and kick return potential too.
Fantasy Football Rating: Small, so he will be targetted by QBs and capable of explosive interception returns.
Prospect Type: Productive. Athletic. Ready-to-go.

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