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J.R. Tolver

Miami Dolphins



San Diego State

Strength: J.R. Tolver is a muscular, athletic receiver with good speed.. J.R. Tolver shows good intelligence on the field and after several solid years as a starter appeared to put it all together mentally last year and explode for a huge season.
Weakness: J.R. Tolver isn't 6'3 and doesn't have a lot of moves in traffic.
Development: It is hard to imagine why J.R. Tolver wasn't a first-day pick. J.R. Tolver didn't have great workouts, but they weren't bad enough to drop him either. J.R. Tolver is going to surprise people by challenging for the #2 or #3 receiver spot this year in Miami. J.R. Tolver should be a very good starter in the NFL. J.R. Tolver may get chances in the return game this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not much as a rookie.
Prospect Type: Extremely Productive. Athletic.

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