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Doug Gabriel

Oakland Raiders



Central Florida

Strength: Doug Gabriel is a tall, muscular, athletic wide receiver. Doug Gabriel has long arms and good hands. Doug Gabriel has good speed for his size. Doug Gabriel has a knack for the big play and found the end zone often.
Weakness: Doug Gabriel needs a lot of technique work, struggling particularly with his route running.
Development: Doug Gabriel fits the Oakland receiver mold - home run threat with a big body. Doug Gabriel could remind some of a young Tim Brown, except Tim Brown was a high draft pick. Like a young Brown, Gabriel has good, but not great, speed, questionable hands, questionable route running, and makes the big play consistantly. Doug Gabriel is as physically tooled and productive as any receiver in the draft, other than the first two taken. Doug Gabriel could have an immediate impact in the return game. Doug Gabriel will probably be the 4th or 5th receiver this year, with potential to be an NFL star some day if he refines his skills properly.
Fantasy Football Rating: Doug Gabriel probably won't have many receptions, but he has always had a high percentage go the distance.
Prospect Type: Raw. Athletic.

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