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Hunter Hillenmeyer

Green Bay Packers




Strength: Hunter Hillenmeyer has a good build. Hunter Hillenmeyer plays very intelligently. Hunter Hillenmeyer excelled last year as a run-stopper, while showing future potential as a pass rusher and in pass coverage.
Weakness: Hunter Hillenmeyer might be a bit lean for middle linebacker. Hunter Hillenmeyer didn't have any interceptions in college, despite his good height.
Development: Hunter Hillenmeyer's intelligence and size give him potential as not only a dominant player, but a versatile one. I'm at a loss to explain why he was selected this low in the draft. Hunter Hillenmeyer seems to have everything one would want in a linebacker, including a history of production. Hunter Hillenmeyer should be immediately ready to fill in at any linebacker position for Green Bay. Hunter Hillenmeyer could end up a starter at any linebacker position in the near future.
Fantasy Football Rating: No Impact.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productive. Ideal Size.

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