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Chris Davis

Seattle Seahawks




Strength: Chris Davis has good size and strength. Chris Davis has great speed for a fullback.
Weakness: Chris Davis was not a productive runner in college. Chris Davis was inconsistant as a run blocker. Chris Davis is not a good pass blocker. Chris Davis had 9 receptions in his career.
Development: Chris Davis was drafted for only one reason, he might be the most athletic fullback in the draft. However, Chris Davis may be considered a halfback project because of his speed and power. Chris Davis doesn't have the agility or moves for halfback, however, and should be developed as a fullback. Chris Davis may never be a great receiver, but he needs to either improve his receiving skills or improve his pass blocking to make it in the NFL. Chris Davis shows signs of being a dominating lead blocker, but needs a lot of work refining his skills. Chris Davis needs to be a special teams standout or impress with his run block skills in training camp to hold a roster spot. Chris Davis has plenty of talent to have a long and successful blocking career, but it will be very hard work.
Fantasy Football Rating: Outside chance at red-zone carries.
Prospect Type: Raw. Special Skill - Speed, Upper-Body strength.

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