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Dan Koppen

New England Patriots



Boston College

Strength: Dan Koppen is a dominant pass blocking center who appears to succeed more by intelligence than athleticism. Dan Koppen is a high-character player.
Weakness: Dan Koppen is under 300lbs, but not very athletic looking on the field. Dan Koppen doesn't appear to have the power to push DTs backward on running plays.
Development: Dan Koppen is frankly a steal at this point in the draft, probably because of unimpressive workouts and being under 300lbs. But historically the center position is more about brains, and Dan Koppen has those. Dan Koppen can start at center as soon as New England needs him. Dan Koppen doesn't have the size to play other positions regularly, and that could jeopardize a roster spot if he doesn't do well in training camps. Dan Koppen will be an NFL starter someone in this league before long, maybe this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Impact pass protector, adequate getting in the way of defenders for the running game.
Prospect Type: Polished. Intelligent.

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