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Brian St. Pierre

Pittsburgh Steelers



Boston College

Strength: Brian St. Pierre has good QB height and size. Brian St. Pierre is very intelligent. Brian St. Pierre has a strong arm. Brian St. Pierre has excellent speed and agility for a QB.
Weakness: Brian St. Pierre does not have good technique, which may have something to do with high interception numbers. Brian St. Pierre did not have many long pass completions.
Development: Brian St. Pierre has every tool scouts look for in a QB. However, Brian St. Pierre's production has been very average. Brian St. Pierre figures to fight for a backup QB slot for a few years while he his game is honed. Brian St. Pierre is one of those intelligent QBs that can be forgotten around the league for several years, and then show up out of obscurity after 3-7 years of training camps and exhibition seasons.
Fantasy Football Rating: No Impact.
Prospect Type: Project. Athletic.

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