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Aaron Walker

San Francisco 49ers




Strength: Aaron Walker is tall and relatively fast as a tight end. Aaron Walker has excellent receiving skills.
Weakness: Aaron Walker didn't catch a lot of passes in college. Aaron Walker needs more strength and technique work to be a blocker.
Development: Aaron Walker is a pass-catching tight end who didn't catch a lot of passes in college. One can see why that would drop him down the draft boards. However, Aaron Walker is going to a team that would like to throw to the tight end more and he has a chance to win the #2 tight end job this year. Aaron Walker looks like an over-sized wide receiver at times, and he could end up flourishing for many years if he finds his niche in the receiving game and becomes an OK blocker at this level.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone written all over him, but maybe not enough this year.
Prospect Type: Project. Ideal-Height.

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